CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Began Crossfit: 2017
Favorite Workout: Christine [3 Rounds for time: Row 500m – 12 Deadlifts (body weight) – 21 Box Jumps]
Why Crossfit?: Until I started CrossFit I had been on my fitness journey alone, doing cardio workouts at home and using a local “mini-gym” to do basic weight training.  I quickly started getting bored and decided to start looking for something more.  CrossFit was immediately appealing to me as it was not just a full body workout, but just about every WOD has a strength component to it which fit right in with my goals to get stronger and healthier.  Once I started, I realized CrossFit had been just what I was looking for and so much more.  It provided me a routine mix of conditioning and strength, physical and mental challenges and most importantly, a community of people to share my fitness journey with.  I fell in love with CrossFit and the results that it provided,  which is why I decided to start coaching.  I wanted somewhere to share my passion, knowledge and the opportunity to pay it forward to others on their journey to health and fitness; what better place to do that then where it all started for me!