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Take about 15 minutes to work on gymnastics if you don’t want to squat. Not for sure what movement could come up in the open but it could be chest to bar, muscle-ups, or burpees.

Back Squat

Today we will take about 15 min to build up to a moderately heavy single. This doesn’t have to be a 1 rep if you aren’t feeling it. I care more about positioning and depth.


Metcon (Time)

Sprint 200 m

Rest 1 min.

100 Double-unders

Rest 1 min.

5 rounds
This is definitely a day to warm up the lower body before getting started. There are a lot of doubles so be sure to hit the shoulders also. If 100 double each rounds is too much, we can scale it back to 50-75 Doubles or 2 minutes of double attempts.

*200 singles per round*