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We are going to focus about 15 minutes on gymnastics like we did last Thursday. If you were in my class, one of the Ice Breaker Questions was ” If you could master a movement that didn’t require work, what would it be?”

Most of the responses were gymnastic movements so this is a great opportunity to focus on that during this 15 minutes.


Metcon (No Measure)

4 Rounds:

Min1: Max Reps Bench Press

Min2: 15/12 Cal Row

Min3: Max Russian Twist with Medball

Min4: REST
Shawn Frack, I definitely dont see these being in 19.2 LOL

On the bench press, shoot for a weight that you can only get about 6-8 reps with. If you have to stagger, it needs to be in this order, so just start 1 min behind.

Accessory Work

If you want to stay after class and get these in.

3×10 Wide Grip Strict Pull Ups

* If you are using bands, use a band that will be challenging at about the 6th reps each time.

* Rest 60s between sets