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The focus is 15 minutes to work on a movement. There are a ton of movements in this category. Definitely more than 25 that Jillian Michaels claims.

handstand variation(walks, strict, kipping, progressions)


pull ups ( strict, kipping, butterfly) make sure you have control with the body. There is no reason to learn butterfly if you don’t have a solid kip or strict.

toes to bar, knee raises, ring dips,


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

15 minute EMOM:

Min 1- Max Cal Assault Bike

Min 2- Max Cal Row

Min 3- Max Slam Balls

Min 4- Max Jump Squats

Min 5-Rest
This is the only thing that I know that will not be in the open tomorrow and won’t affect you so go ahead and SMASH it. There is no time between stations so be quick with your transitions.