Tuesday- CrossFit

CrossFit Slake – CrossFit


Squat Clean (Weight)

Every 2min x 6 Rounds:

Perform 3 Squat Cleans

(building in weight)
We are looking to build in weight while keeping pretty good form. This is not about a 1rep max however making sure that you are focusing on great squat postion will lead to future pr’s… Feel free to stick with the same weight form breaks down.


Metcon (Time)

Nasty and Fun!

2 Rounds For Time

50 Push Jerks 95/65

25 Toes to Bar

*EMOM complete 4 Burpees!

*Start with Burpees

*You have to finish all Jerks before going to TTB

*LOCK OUT your reps and HOLD it for a split second before you bring the bar down.
If you are new, we are going to focus on form and being efficient. Scale back to 35 reps of each. The more tired you get the worse the form will get so be sure to keep form!!